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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: Creating a website with the website.dtd

Hello All,

I have spend the last three hours looking for what must be the best kept 
secret on the internet:

What does the command look like for creating the sample website as it is 
provided with the webiste.dtd?

I figured out that I can't use any (windows)  .exe like xsltproc, 
instant saxon or  testxslt. Right?

So I downloaded a java saxon (7.1) but I am still missing something:

my command [1] fails: Fail: this stylesheet relies on the exists() 
extension function
Processing terminated by xsl:message at line 73.

[1] Sofar my command looks like: java  -jar D:\saxonJ/saxon7.jar   
\website23\example\autolayout.xml \website23\xsl\chunk-tabular.xsl 

Anyone kin enough to point me to the correct command?


Gerrit Kuilder

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