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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Creating a website with the website.dtd

At 14:05 17/11/2002, Gerrit Kuilder wrote:
>Hello All,
>I have spend the last three hours looking for what must be the best kept secret on the internet:

<grin/>You forgot to face South, spin 3 times whilst chanting !

>What does the command look like for creating the sample website as it is provided with the webiste.dtd?

>So I downloaded a java saxon (7.1) but I am still missing something:
Yep. Go back and download Saxon 6.5.2
7 is for XSLT 2.0. Website is for XSLT 1.0

>my command [1] fails: Fail: this stylesheet relies on the exists() extension function
>Processing terminated by xsl:message at line 73.
>[1] Sofar my command looks like: java  -jar D:\saxonJ/saxon7.jar   
>\website23\example\autolayout.xml \website23\xsl\chunk-tabular.xsl use.extensions=1

Another jar file needed. Its in the 'extensions' directory of wherever
you loaded website (\website23\extensions\saxon64.jar ?)

You also need some source document?

E.g. java (path stuff) -o outputFile sourceXMLdocument, stylesheet

Except..... Oh dear.

The first stage is to define your website, with a documentation 
not dissimilar to layout.xml in the example file.

That produces a file not unlike autolayout.xml .....
  which is then processed (totally seperately) using the main stylesheets?
 e.g. chunk-website.xsl (in the xsl directory).

That actually gets you some output....

OK OK, it is the best kept secret.
  Its just that, well maybe I could explain it by...
   We just think that...
 Oh shugar. Its not straightforward <chuckles/> OK>

Keep asking.

Regards DaveP

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