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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] XInclude: multiple <preface>s

At 10:19 01/04/2003 -0600, Paul Grosso wrote:

>I don't think it's fair for xml-dev to put pressure on an implementor
>to implement something that is against the standard.
>If xml-dev (or whoever) wants to be able to xinclude things with
>multiple roots, then it should press for a change to the XInclude
>specification (which, I'll note, is not even yet a Recommendation,
>so Daniel is to be commended for his work to date on it).

No Paul, I wasn't pressing Daniel for anything.
I'm slowly beginning to see the advantages of groves as well as trees,
and am hoping that w3c amongst others will pick it up and run, which
might eventually come full circle and tempt Daniel?

>For what it's worth, XInclude is defined in terms of merging
>infosets, so the XInclude spec, in fact, can't do anything about
>the problem directly.  Rather, the XML Infoset would need to be
>augmented to define an infoset for things with multiple roots--that
>is, an infoset for things that are NOT XML documents.

Mike Kay gives them a name other than groves I think, though
I can't remember it at the moment.
n XML documents perhaps?
   I can't say I was keen on Rick's version, specifying the encoding
for each one etc, but I could see the necessity of it.

>It's not like others haven't thought about this before.  This is
>trickier than it looks which is why it hasn't yet been done, but
>it may yet get done, especially if the user community puts the
>pressure in the right spot.

Which is where I see xml-dev coming in? The have a history
of seeing the problems as well as the ideas.

>But don't push implementors to implement non-compliant code.
>That does no one a service.

I'm not Paul, honest!

>p.s.  I know Dave is quite sensitive to the issues of the standards
>process, so I hope he will understand that I'm not speaking directly
>to him, but rather using his relatively innocent comment to make a
>point that I think needs to be made both on this list and on xml-dev.

<chuckle/> Personal view Paul, I have this 'gang of rebels' view
of the xml-dev people, I think sax showed that beautifully. Equally
its nice to see Tim Bray and others joining the fray, and I'm sure
taking comments back into the standards process.

regards DaveP

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