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Subject: DocBook XML -> Simplified DocBook XML?

1. Does anyone know of any stylesheets or utilities that can "dumb down"
DocBook XML to Simplified DocBook XML? (even partially?)

2. Can anyone point me to some DocBook XML -> HTML stylesheets that are less
complex than Norm Walsh's?

For both cases I am just looking for something relatively lightweight that
covers the common DocBook constructs. l10n and support for every little
feature is not a concern. In exchange, I can point you to my Simplified
Docbook -> HTML stylesheet :)

3. Also, has anyone undertaken an effort to make an XSLT stylesheet that
produces Lynx-like plain-text renderings of XHTML source documents? I started
on one, but wondered if I was reinventing the wheel...

  Mike J. Brown   |  http://skew.org/~mike/resume/
  Denver, CO, USA |  http://skew.org/xml/

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