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Subject: Re: DocBook XMLschema in Visual Studio.Net

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/ Jirka Kosek <jirka@kosek.cz> was heard to say:
| Kenneth Johansson wrote:
|> Developers here at Sectra are jumping up and down since they discovered DocBook and now they want to take it a step further by using DocBook for documenting sourcecode in Visual Studio.Net. However, they say it isn't possible to get runtime validation of the DocBook DTD in Visual Studio.Net, 
| That's the lack of VS.NET.

Indeed. But I don't see MS doing anything about it.

|>but it is possible to use the XML Schema. 
| XML schema for DocBook doesn't define target namespace. I think that
| VS.NET can't validate against schemas without target namespace. This
| might be problem.

If that's true, it's totally bogus. Complete and utter junk.

|>What is the status of the DocBook XML Schema? If we use it in VS.Net, will it be possible to switch to the DocBook DTD for processing or are there compatibility issues between the two?
| I think that XML Schema is still experimental but dependency on XML
| schema should not affect processing tools as they usually didn't rely on
| validation. 
| XML schema for DocBook is available in CVS repository at
| docbook.sourceforge.net.

The version generated from the RELAX NG grammar is probably pretty
good. You shouldn't have any trouble. If you do, that's a bug
somewhere in the schema probably and I'd like to hear about it.

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