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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Re: Current date?

Dave Pawson wrote:

>> <?dbtimestamp format="..."?>
>> for inserting current date. And
>> <?dbtimestamp format="..." cvsdate="$Date: ....$"?>
>> for inserting date taken from CVS tag?
> Yes to the first one (assuming the wg came to that decision).

PIs doesn't affect DocBook DTD which is under the control of DocBook TC. 
I meant implementing some quasi standard PI supported by DocBook XSL 
stylesheets. Motivation was fact, that it is quite common to insert date 
of generation/last modification automatically into processed documents 
and this feature is not in stylesheets now. So everyone interested is 
forced to reinvent the wheel for himself.

> No to the second one.

Why? If you don't use CVS, just don't use this form of PI which can 
extract timestamp from CVS timestamp.

> Norm says he uses it for CVS dates, so that may be how
> he uses it (I guess that implies that's how he gets it too?)
> but please don't tell me how it *must* be used Jirka?

No one forces you to use these or any other PIs. If you want these 
functionality, use thses PIs, else forget about them.

> Today, if I want to use docbook styling, I use the latest version (or not).
> If I don't like it I override it with a specialisation.
> I guess that's what I'm asking for.
> Here is the 'standard' way to say 'insert the date'.
> If I don't want it I dont use it.
> If I want it but want to mess with it, then I override the general
> with my own customisation.

You can always customize template for processing PI as any other template.

   Jirka Kosek  	
   e-mail: jirka@kosek.cz

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