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Subject: [ANNOUNCE] dbdoclet 0.41

dbdoclet 0.41 has been released

About: The DocBook Doclet creates DocBook SGML or XML from Java source 
documentation or HTML files. It is helpful if you want to print reference 
handbooks of your API. Normally it is used with the Javadoc tool but it can 
also be used as a standalone application to convert HTML to DocBook. 
Additionally it comes with a Swing application to manage documentation 
projects and to transform the resulting DocBook files to PDF. 

Changes:This release adds the new properties docbook.param.table.frame, 
show.synopsis,show.table.param, show.table.throws, show.table.meta, 
show.table.see, show.table.serialfield to have better control about the 
generated output. Further development of dbdoclet.tidbit happened. This 
releases fixes the broken handling of inline javadoc tags, a 
NullPointerException in the converter module and the truncated text in 
literal an screen tags. A mailing list called dbdoclet@freelists.org was 
created at www.freelists.org.

dbdoclet 0.41 can be obtained from the dbdoclet freshmeat project
page at:



Michael Fuchs
EMail mfuchs@unico-consulting.com
URL http://www.michael-a-fuchs.de 

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