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Subject: help with FOP and XSL sheets


I've seen this error in one form or another posted on this list, but
haven't seemed to figure out a common solution.

I am using a very simple docbook file, docbook-xml-4.2,
docbook-xsl-1.60.1, saxon6.5.2, and fop-0.20.5rc2.

When I try to run FOP on the generated .fo file from the docbook-xsl, I
get a lot of errors.  The basics include such hits as:

[ERROR] property - "background-position-horizontal" is not implemented
[ERROR] Error in relative-align property value 'baseline':
org.apache.fop.fo.expr.PropertyException: No conversion defined

No .pdf file is generated. :(

I've seen people mention these errors before, but with older versions of
everything.  I also saw some mention of solutions to these in the
changelog for docbook-xsl.  Yet the error persist.

Does anyone else see these errors with the latest and greatest of the
tools?  Any tips or hints would be greatly appreciated.


ps My apologies to Norm, who I sent a request to help to before I saw
these lists.

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