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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Chunked output with .css and images folder

Am Freitag, 2. Mai 2003 11:01 schrieb Gabor Hojtsy:
> > > I'm not understanding why you want to split up your
> > > HTML output into multiple directories.  I can understand
> > > keeping the XML source in separate directories, but
> > > why split up the HTML?
> >
> > it is sometimes wanted because some say you get a better search
> > engine ranking if you have a filename like
> > /keyword1/keyword2/keyword.html
> keyword1.keyword2.keyword.html equally contains all the keywords.

of course! but it isnt very popular to have filenames of 256 chars, 
isn't it? but dont let discuss it. some people wants to have it and 
they may have their reasons. 

> > It is sometimes wanted to let a visitor or editor see the
> > structur of a website by its url. (like these nice path strings
> > sometimes found in the head of a page (you are here...)
> 'You are here' information can perfectly be generated out of the
> docbbok structure. You just need to 'climb back to the top' with a
> named template, and create this list.

of course. But some people just want "you are here information" in 
the document path. It is as easy as to build a path info inside the 
html code. so why dont let them have their long path with lots of 

I just dont think about if it reasonable. It is possible and people 
want it. so why dont do it?

compare it to naming files by id! Why do you want it? it makes no 
sense. you can name them ch01s01.html too. If you access your stuff 
only via browser and http links its perfectly fine. But people tend 
to look at the url to imagine where their are. It is one sort of 
navigational context like a menu, like a "you are here info"  and so 

kind regards

> Goba

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