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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Chunked output with .css and images folder

> of course! but it isnt very popular to have filenames of 256 chars,
> isn't it? but dont let discuss it. some people wants to have it and
> they may have their reasons.
> > 'You are here' information can perfectly be generated out of the
> > docbbok structure. You just need to 'climb back to the top' with a
> > named template, and create this list.
> of course. But some people just want "you are here information" in
> the document path. It is as easy as to build a path info inside the
> html code. so why dont let them have their long path with lots of
> directories?
> I just dont think about if it reasonable. It is possible and people
> want it. so why dont do it?

OK. I just wanted to underline why this is not implemented in the stylesheets 
(and though I am also just a regular user of them, why I think it will not be 
implemented anyway). Anyone who want this can implement it, and submit a 
patch. This is how open source things go ;)


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