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Subject: Re: XML Editors

>>>>> Joachim Ziegler <ziegler@mpi-sb.mpg.de>:

> I'm also using Emacs+psgml.

What version of Emacs? (`M-x emacs-version RET')
What version of psgml? (`M-x psgml-version RET')
On what platform?

What's your sgml-catalog-files setting? (`C-h v sgml-catalog-files RET')
What's your sgml-ecat-files setting? (`C-h v sgml-ecat-files RET')
Is your psgml byte compiled?

Are we talking just the DocBook XML DTD here?  Or do your problems
occur with other DTDs as well?

> Most of the time it works great, but it has some annoying bugs:

> a) using entities to break a document in smaller pieces as described
> in "The Definite Guide" does not work for me:
> Emacs (and Xemacs neither) does not parse the DTD in the smaller
> files. (Yes, I have tried something like

> <!--
>      Local Variables:
>      mode: xml
>      sgml-parent-document: ("master-file.xml")
>      End:
> --> 

Mine look like this:

  Local Variables:
  sgml-parent-document: ("master-file.xml" "article" "section")

In my case the <section> is in master-file.xml, but the body of the
<section> is in the smaller piece.

> This mechanism only works for small documents (at least on my
> machine.) but not when the documents get large. i don't know how to
> fix this.

I haven't noticed any problems.

> b) Editing of attributes does not work. It always turns *all*
> attribute values to lowercase. Sometimes it inserts funny markup
> like an extra ">". (Unfotunately, this behaviour cannot be
> reproduced deterministically.)  This is very dangerous because it
> can make files unvalid (by lowercasing IDs or IDREfs.)

This problem I've never seen.  Are you running an alpha-release or CVS
snapshot?  Sounds like a serious bug.

> c) psgml sometimes becomes confused when I type something like

> <para>The number which is half as big as n is n/2. </para>

> It sometimes (but not always!) misinterprets the "/" division operator
> as belonging to an end-tag. After this "/" the set of elements it
> offers for this context is complete nonsense.

Hm... I haven't seen this either, but I don't write docs with many
mathematical operators.  I tried your paragraph above, but it didn't
do anything strange.

If you can find a reproducible (small) test case, you should post it
as a bug.

- Steinar

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