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Subject: Re: ISO entities are not function names...

>>>>> Dave Pawson <dpawson@nildram.co.uk> writes:

> Is there a standard redhat psgml/docbook install location please?

How standard it is, I don't know.  But these are the directories on my
RedHat 8.0 installation.

There are two psgml installations.  One installed as a part of XEmacs,
and one installed from an RPM of its own, and used by GNU Emacs.

The XEmacs psgml, resides in

The psgml RPM has its lisp files stored under

Both psgml installations presumably uses /etc/sgml/catalog (an OASIS
catalog file) to find the DocBook DTDs

The DocBook SGML and XML DTDs resides under /usr/share/sgml/docbook/.

I don't know where the standard install for the DocBook XSL
stylesheets are, because I rolled my own RPM to get 1.60.1.

Both the DocBook SGML and XML DTDs can be found from the OASIS catalog
in /etc/sgml/catalog.  The XML DTDs can also be found using the XML
Catalog in /etc/xml/catalog.

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