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Subject: how do i know if there are more attributes i can adjust?

  a more general question, but i'm using the online docs at
docbook.sourceforge.net to help me customize my current stylesheet.
take, as an example, 


which purportedly shows me what i can change about 
"header.content.properties".  fair enough.

  but i was having problems getting my headers to fit at the top of the 
page, and i solved this by adding the customization:

<xsl:attribute-set name="header.content.properties">
 <xsl:attribute name="font-size">10pt</xsl:attribute>

  it worked fine, but there was nothing at that sourceforge page
suggesting that changing the font size was an acceptable customization --
that attribute set referred solely to font family, and left and
right margins.

  perhaps i'm misunderstanding how to read the documentation, but how
do i know if there are more attributes i can adjust than what's listed
on one of those pages?

  regardless of the rationale, it seems inconsistent to show me
*explicitly* that i can adjust the font family, while omitting the
fact that i can also adjust the font size as well.



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