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Subject: a couple quick questions re: docbook -> FO -> PDF

  from the online FO Parameter Reference and digging through the
FO stylesheets, i don't immediately see how to do the following:

1) how to automatically push a new book/chapter to the next odd

   there's lots of stuff regarding "auto-odd" in fo/pagesetup.xsl
   but i don't see how to do this right offhand.  (i've selected
   double-sided output.)

2) how to increase the line spacing just a touch in verbatim
   environments, mostly for <screen>s and legibility.

   i noticed two attribute-sets, verbatim.properties and
   monospace.verbatim.properties, but they refer to spacing
   before and after, not internal.

i'm sure the above is easy, i'm just still getting used to digging
around in the stylesheets.


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