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Subject: just so i know i'm on the right track with website ...

  just to let me verify that i have the right idea about how to
construct a web site with the Website DTD, i started with the sample
site that comes with the tarball, poked around, and started

  i noticed that there was one parameter that could be modified in 
the param.xsl stylesheet to change the contents of what is called the
"home.navhead.upperright", which you can set to what you want displayed
in the upper right.

  initially, it was set to 

<xsl:template name="home.navhead.upperright">
 <xsl:text>Upper right</xsl:text>

  fair enough.  i wanted to change that to display the "Created
with Website" graphic, so i just crammed the appropriate HTML in
there to read:

<xsl:template name="home.navhead.upperright">
 <img src="website-1.png" alt="Website" align="right"></img>

  basically brute force, and it worked nicely.  for those
of you website experts, was that the standard way to do it?
i don't see any other more elegant way, just toss in the
HTML i want as the final result.

  am i on the right track?


p.s.  yes, i suppose i could do the above the official way with

<xsl:template ...>
 <xsl:element name="img">
  <xsl:attribute name="src">website-1.png</xsl:attribute>
... and so on.

but i'm just playing.

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