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Subject: Hanging indents with default page-masters (fo)

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Currently, the XSL print stylesheets set the right body page left margin to 
$page.margin.inner, and the left body page left margin to 
$page.margin.outer.  Titles are then outdented from that point by 

This makes it impossible to use the standard page templates with a gutter 
and hanging titles.  For example, if I want a 0.25-inch margin, 0.1-inch 
gutter, and 1.25-inch outdented titles, the left body margin will be 1.6 
inches on right pages and 1.5 inches on left pages.  However, the right 
body margin will be 0.25 inches on right pages and 0.35 inches on left 
pages.  This means that I can't just use $page.margin.inner and .outer.

There are two ways, I think, to parameterize the DocBook stylesheets to 
allow this kind of format.  I think the best way is just to add a 
body.margin.left (and .right, for completeness) parameter, corresponding to 
body.margin.top and .bottom.

The other way is to have $page.margin.{inner|outer} reflect the edge of 
printing, and for $title.margin.left to both be added to text flow and then 
to be subtracted for hanging titles.  I think this might break too many 
legacy stylesheets that depend on the DocBook ones, though.

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Christopher R. Maden, Principal Consultant, crism consulting
<URL: http://crism.maden.org/consulting/ >
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