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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Hanging indents with default page-masters (fo)

On Thu, Jun 05, 2003 at 06:21:24PM -0700, Christopher R. Maden wrote:
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> Currently, the XSL print stylesheets set the right body page left margin to 
> $page.margin.inner, and the left body page left margin to 
> $page.margin.outer.  Titles are then outdented from that point by 
> $title.margin.left.
> This makes it impossible to use the standard page templates with a gutter 
> and hanging titles.  For example, if I want a 0.25-inch margin, 0.1-inch 
> gutter, and 1.25-inch outdented titles, the left body margin will be 1.6 
> inches on right pages and 1.5 inches on left pages.  However, the right 
> body margin will be 0.25 inches on right pages and 0.35 inches on left 
> pages.  This means that I can't just use $page.margin.inner and .outer.
> There are two ways, I think, to parameterize the DocBook stylesheets to 
> allow this kind of format.  I think the best way is just to add a 
> body.margin.left (and .right, for completeness) parameter, corresponding to 
> body.margin.top and .bottom.
> The other way is to have $page.margin.{inner|outer} reflect the edge of 
> printing, and for $title.margin.left to both be added to text flow and then 
> to be subtracted for hanging titles.  I think this might break too many 
> legacy stylesheets that depend on the DocBook ones, though.

You are right that the $title.margin.left parameter is not
handled properly for double-sided output.
I filed a SourceForge item (#751470) on this.
Hopefully it will get fixed in the next release.


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