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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] two-column solution

let me come back to the two-column-problem:

On 2003.06.20 08:46, Jirka Kosek wrote:
> More easy to implement solution will be postprocessing of FO which 
> will "unwrap" nested spanned objects directly under the corresponding 
> fo:flow.  Something similar to Ken's PSMI stylesheet for rotated 
> tables.
> 					Jirka

We had exactly the same demands like Bill Lawrence who started this 
thread and we implemented a solution in the way Jirka Kosek describes: 
We have written a Java program that can match an XPath and reorder all 
matched elements and their parents until the <fo:block span="all"> is a 
direct child of <fo:flow>.
Please see http://trieloff.net/docbook/archive/000365.html for more 
detailed information, download and usage instructions.

with best regards

Lars Trieloff

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