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Subject: Newbie: Problems with ldp.dsl

Dear friends,

I can convert sgml file with docbook.dsl but it don't work with ldp.dsl.

bash-2.05a$ openjade -t sgml  -d 
/usr/local/sgml/dsssl/docbook-dsssl-1.76/html/ldp.dsl#html test.sgml
openjade:test.sgml:3:12:E: element "ARTICLEINFO" undefined
reference to undefined variable "$table-width$"
reference to undefined variable "$verbatim-line-by-line$"
Teste de geração de documento.Teste de geração de documento.Teste de geração 
de documento.Nei L Marcos                   neig@terra dot com dot br
                         Revision HistoryRevision v1.02000-12-30Revised by: 
jld        Este é um documento DocBook.
        Table of Contents1. Test 1.1.1. Test Test 1.2.2. Test 2.2.1. 
Test Test 2.2.1. Test 1Test section 1.
Figure 1. Inclusão de Figura1.1. Test 1.1        Test section 1.1
        1.2. Test 1.2
        2. Test 2Test section 2.2.1. Test 2.1        Test section 2.1
        2.2. Test 2.2        Test section 2.2

And  the path is:

bash-2.05a$ echo $SGML_CATALOG_FILES

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

The test.sgml is

<!DOCTYPE article PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook V3.1//EN">
<article lang="en">
<title>Teste de geração de documento.</title>
<othername role="mi">L</othername>
                         <email>neig@terra dot com dot br</email>
        Este é um documento DocBook.
<sect1 id="test1">
<title>Test 1</title>
Test section 1.
       <title>Inclusão de Figura</title>
       <graphic fileref="exemplo.jpg"></graphic>
          <title>Test 1.1</title>
        Test section 1.1
        <title>Test 1.2</title>
                -- Test section 1.2
                      openjade -t sgml -d $DSLFILE test.sgml
<sect1 id="test2">
<title>Test 2</title>
Test section 2.
          <title>Test 2.1</title>
        Test section 2.1
        <title>Test 2.2</title>
        Test section 2.2

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