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Subject: color coding


I try to translate the reference of a custom computermusic language
into DocBook. For the program listings I'd like to use sytax
highlighting in both html and pdf output.

My questions: 

1. How should I do the markup the xml? It's no problem to markup the
   xml in order to identify methodnames, classnames, type specifiers,
   comments and such with inline tags before processing, but I
   couldn't find the appropriate tagnames in the Docbook definition.

2. Is there some description how to change the xsl files in order to
   generate some appropriate output for html and pdf?

I found pages by Lars Trieloff describing how he managed to get
Syntaxhighlighting to work with Saxon and jedit, but it seems this
method is depending on those programs and I'd prefer to do it with
emacs and xslt (apart from the hassle to program some appropriate java
code for support of this language). I didn't see the source files of
his web pages, but I guess, he didn't markup the xml at all and the
Highlighting was done automatically in Saxon using the jedit plugin for
identifying the styles to apply.

Although I could hardly find anything at all concerning DocBook and
Syntax highlighted output I think there must be a consistent way to
implement this without customizing the xml parser itself. Or is
DocBook the wrong way altogether?


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