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Subject: problem with callouts with multiple "arearefs"

  from what i read, i should be able to do the following --
define a single callout in which the "arearefs" attribute
refers to multiple <co>s.


code line 1 <co id="line1-co"/>
code line 2 <co id="line2-co"/>
code line 3 <co id="line3-co"/>
code line 4 <co id="line4-co"/>
code line 5 <co id="line5-co"/>
code line 6 <co id="line6-co"/>
code line 6 <co id="line7-co"/>
code line 6 <co id="line8-co"/>
   <callout arearefs="line1-co line3-co line5-co line7-co">
    <p>These are the odd lines.</p>
   <callout arearefs="line2-co line4-co line6-co line8-co">
    <p>These are the even lines.</p>


  it *sort of *works.  the lines get their proper callout bugs,
but the callout list appears as:

1 3 These are the odd lines.
2 4 There are the even lines.
6 8

as i read it, the first <callout> tries to list all four numbers
and runs out of space, and perhaps tries to continue on the next
line, but is squelched by the next line of output.

the second <callout> also runs out of space, and continues on
the next line, and those show up.

obviously, i'd like to be able to allocate more room to multiple
callout bugs, but i don't see how that's done.


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