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Subject: term in <variablelist> is rendered incorrectly in PDF

  (my, but it's been a busy docbook morning).

  before the 1.62 stylesheets for FO, i reported having a problem
with variablelist terms being broken over a page.  since upgrading
to 1.62, *that* problem has gone away, but a new one has arisen.

  it seems to have something to do with hyphenation.  if i create
a variablelist term that has no obvious hyphenation, like "XXXXXX",
then the PDF output looks like

   XXXXX    whatever

in other words, the processing seems to simply break the term near
the end and continue on the next line.  if i try an even longer
garbage term like "XXXXXXXXXX", i get

   XXXXXXXX   whatever

if i try something for which hyphenation is at least feasible,
like "abcdefghijklmno", i get

   abcde-       whatever

which seems reasonable (given a very flexible definition of 
"reasonable" :-).

  so the problem *seems* related to hyphenation, or the lack of
ability to do so.

  thoughts?  can anyone else reproduce this?  i'm pretty sure
i haven't added any customization related to variablelists


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