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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] first PDF bookmark doesn't point to the cover

Hi Bob

 > I'm not sure.  I get this problem when I process
 > with FOP version 0.20.4, but when I use FOP 0.20.5,
 > the titlepage bookmark link goes to the first title page.

I use FOP 0.20.5 but the first bookmark doesn't point to the cover. I 
really would like to solve this problem ... if you get the correct 
bookmark with FOP then it should be possible here too. Perhaps you can 
help me, here are the files:

XSLT (customization layer)
FO and PDF

If you get a correct bookmark with the above FO then the error is 
earlier in the toolchain, before FOP. But I suspect the problem is with 
FOP, which leaves it unclear what I could do to fix or work around the 
problem ...

 > Both FOP versions produce the extra blank page (or pages if
 > $double.sided=1) before the TOC.  That behavior is
 > peculiar to FOP.

The extra blank page is OK for me.



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