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Subject: Re: revhistory disappears


I'm new to DocBook and XSLT and I'm trying to publish an example book document.
Everything works ok but 2 things:
1. the element is ignored when I transform to the doc into FO even with draft.mode=yes
2. I keep getting "Error in column-width property value '75%'" if I don't specify tablecolumns.extension=0.

The test document I use gets validated with the DTD 4.2 and I'm using SAXON 6_5_3 from Michael Kay and Apache FOP 0.20.5.

The command I issue is:
saxon -o test.fo test.xml /work/docs/docbook/xsl/fo/docbook.xsl fop.extensions=1 saxon.extensions=1 use.extensions=1 tablecolumns.extension=0

where "saxon" is an alias for:

java -cp $CP com.icl.saxon.StyleSheet -x org.apache.xml.resolver.tools.ResolvingXMLReader -y org.apache.xml.resolver.tools.ResolvingXMLReader -r org.apache.xml.resolver.tools.Cata
logResolver -u

and $CP is:

export CP=$SAXON_HOME/saxon.jar
export CP=$CP:$SAXON_HOME/saxon-jdom.jar
export CP=$CP:$SAXON_HOME/resolver-1.0.jar
export CP=$CP:/work/docs/docbook/xsl/extensions/saxon651.jar
export CP=$CP:/work/docs/docbook/catalogs

Any ideas?



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