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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Linux Weekly News: A quick look at Conglomerate0.70

> I don't understand how could Docbook "replace" MSWord when (as I understand 
> it) they are very different things: Docbook is a system for writing 
> structured XML documents (or SGML, I suppose) 

DocBook is for writing documents.  The fact that they are marked up in (SG|X)ML is
a means, not the purpose.

> and Word is a word-processing application.  

Or a system for writing binary-format styled documents? Definitely not. Both are
for documents, with roughly the same objective -- editable documents in a retargetable
format. And DocBook is better for many applications.

> Word is used to edit compatible files that contain text 
> and/or images (independent of structure), but Docbook describes how your 
> document is going to behave structurally, independent of what apps you use 
> to edit files adhering to that structure.

DocBook DTD is used to describe, DocBook editors are used to edit, DocBook stylesheets
are used to format. What is DocBook?

> And I have some difficulty imagining my grandmother sitting down to write a 
> short letter using Docbook XML (actually, I wouldn't do that either -- 
> MSWord, for all it's shortcomings, is perfectly sufficient for that task at 
> present :)

That's because the tools are not as convenient (and have the wrong design), not
because the idea is less appropriate. It is more appropriate for grandmothers
than Word, actually.

David Tolpin

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