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Subject: Re: Proposals to improve xalan extension: com.nwalsh.xalan.Text

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/ Alexander Karnstedt <alexander_berlin@gmx.de> was heard to say:
| I find the ability to reference external text data really useful. But
| I had to struggle with some problems according the appropriate
| extension class »com.nwalsh.xalan.Text« to get it to work for
| me. So here are my experiences:
| First, returning a NodeSet object (of TextNodes) gives me an error
| from Xalans DTMManager (Data Type Mapping?). So I had to redesign the
| insertfile method to return a string object instead.

Sigh. They must have changed the API again. If you send along patches,
I'll be happy to incorporate them.

| Second: what is the base directory for relative paths in the
| texdata/fileref attribute? I think its simply taken from wherever you
| start Xalan. But this seems to be wrong - shouldn't the base
| (defaultly) be equal to that directory where the including document
| resides?

Yes. If you can get that from Xalan, that's what we should use.

| However, I've would propose to use the URIResolver object to resolve
| the full URL,


| in »com.nwalsh.xalan.Text«, instead of:
|        fileURL = new URL(href);
| I used this:
|        this.href = getFilename(context, elem);
|        String base = context.getTransformer().getBaseURLOfSource();
|        javax.xml.transform.URIResolver resolver =
| context.getTransformer().getURIResolver();
|        javax.xml.transform.Source source =
| this.resolver.resolve(this.href, this.base);
|        this.hrefSystemID = source.getSystemId();
|        ....
|        fileURL = new URL(this.hrefSystemID);

Looks good to me.

                                        Be seeing you,

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