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Subject: [Announce] German DocBook Mailinglist


After I got repeatedly questions, where to find a German language
DocBook Mailinglist or Discussion Forum, as available to English,
Spanisch and Czech users, I decided to create an unofficial German
DocBook Mailinglist.
This Mailinglist will cover all topics of the official docbook- and
docbook-apps-Mailinglist and should offer quick help in mother tounge
for all german users.

You will find the Mailinglist Archives at
an general list information, where you can subscribe as well at

Thank you for your interest and I hope for many subscribers.

Lars Trieloff

Lars Trieloff <lars@trieloff.net>

Software Documentation Weblog
Forrest 0.5 released

Altova Authentic 2004 released

Scriptura 2.0 (graphical XSL:FO designer) released

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