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Subject: Re: website xsl: unused variable (and chunking question)

On Thu, 18 Sep 2003 14:55:16 -0700
Bob Stayton <bobs@sco.com> wrote:


> > 2.
> > I write (not finished) customization layer for Website which
> > allow publications for big DocBook documents (<book/>, <set/>
> > etc). For it I use chunking code from DocBook XSL
> > Stylesheets.
> > 
> > Please, tell me, why Website doesn't support chunking and
> > elements for big documents ?
> Well, I guess Norm could best answer this since he wrote it.
> But I suspect that it was not the intended purpose of Website.

It's sounds strange since Website is the DocBook customization...

> You can link to HTML documents generated by chunk.xsl
> from the website layout.xml file, so you could build your
> big documents outside of website and just point to them.

I know but this way missing website navigation capabilities.

> Perhaps you would like to use the tabular interface (the
> collapsible table of contents) for a big DocBook document.
> That would be a different style of rendering the DocBook
> table of contents for chunked output.  That would be a
> nice option for chunk.xsl, outside of Website, IMHO.

Thanks! BTW, I finish my customization for Website, it available

This styles in addition to original Website stylesheets support:
- automatic files collection from
  to output dir
- publications of big documents like chunk.xsl but with website
- additional step for tuning documents (added unbreakable spaces
  before mdash'es etc)
- publication of photos (with preview and links to big images,
  automatic convertions from big resolution to small)

Makefile for building available at
$ make depends; make website


Regards, Vyt
mailto:  vyt@vzljot.ru
JID:     vyt@vzljot.ru

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