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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] A lot of empty pages at the begining of a book

On Mon, Sep 22, 2003 at 10:40:25AM +0200, jochen.gerstl@de.abb.com wrote:
> Hello to all,
> I have at the moment a running solution, which converts a set of book's via
> xml-fo to pdf.
> But I'am wondering, why I get a lot of empty pages at the start of the book
> So I explain what I get. The first page ist the cover page of the set. I
> see the set title, a title picture and just under the picture the
> copyright.
> Afterwards I get an emty page (that is ok, because I am using the
> double.sided parameter)
> Then I get one page with the TOC of all books in the set and afterwards
> again an empty page. (Is it possible to enumerate the book titles as well
> as the chapter titles ?)

That empty page is expected, as each book starts on a recto page.
There is currently no parameter to turn on numbering of
books in a set.
> Now I see the first page of the first book. I see the title and the title
> picture. But now I get an not expected pagebreak. On the next side I see
> again the title of the book and just underneeth the copyright.
> Why this happens ?

You are seeing the default verso side of a book titlepage.
If you want to change that, you can customize the
titlepage.templates.xml file as described here:


> After that I get 2 (two !) empty pages. For what ? Is it possible to ommit
> them ?

This is a bug in FOP.  See:
> Now the dedication is printed out, followed by an empty page (thats
> correct) and the toc of the book.
> After the toc I have again an empty page (that is correct) followed by the
> toc of tables used in the book. How can I switch of that table-toc ?

You already got that answer.
> Then I get an emty page followed by the preface (is also correct) an
> another empty page.
> And then the first chapter starts.

I hope that covers all the extra pages!

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