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Subject: 2 small questions


I've written my master thesis using docbook + dsssl.

So that things were according to the faculty's rules I wrote it with the
following line-up:

preface (role=thanks)
preface (role=dedication)
preface (role=summary in portuguese)
preface (role=summary in english)

My first problem is that everything that is before the toc has no
numbering in the toc (actually it has '??'). I've tried an old trick
wich was to generate teh pdf twice but without any result. Does anyone
have any ideia on how to get them numbered (I'm willing to edit the tex
file if needed, it's a once in a lifetime thing...)

Second problem: the thing was written in portuguese, but for some reason
the hiphenization that it is using creates some silly things. Is there a
way to get jadetex(?) to not use any kind of hyphenization?

It's all for now, thanks in advance.
        Mario Filipe 

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