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Subject: Still weirdness with rss feeds in website


although I improved with respect to RSS (my xsltproc/libxml was too old and had
a bug) I still think the behaviour is strange. Actually I only get the title plus
an image for each feed, but not the actual entries.

I have literaly copied the example rss.xml from website, so I am a bit surprised
that it doesn' t work. As example an output can be seen at


Which is generated using the feeds
  <rss feed="http://www.xmlhack.com/rss10.php?cat=36"/>
  <rss feed="http://nwalsh.com/rss/whatsnew.xml"/>

Is there anything needed in the stylesheet driver ? (Eg setting a parameter to
the number of feed entries to display or so), or why is there no content ?

  Marc Baaden

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