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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] using absolute hrefs with "xi:include"

On Tue, 7 Oct 2003, Bob Stayton wrote:

> >   i do notice that i can combine xinclude's and XML catalogs, and i 
> > suspect that might be the obvious solution, yes?  unless someone has
> > other ideas.
> Well, Xinclude hrefs work with ../ to move up, so I
> don't see why that is much harder to do.

i thought about that, but wasn't sure the overall directory structure
was going to stay the same.
> But using an XML catalog provides the most flexibility
> in locating files.  Your Xinclude hrefs don't have to
> relate at all to the file locations, as long as
> the XML catalog maps them correctly.

after i read it over one more time, it was obvious that this
was the way to go.  thanks.


p.s.  before i get started, one question about XML_CATALOG_FILES.  as long
as this variable has no value, applications will use /etc/xml/catalog by
default, right?

once i set this, must i explicitly include /etc/xml/catalog?  that's what
it *appears* to say, i just wanted to be sure.

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