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Subject: fo pagebreaks in refentries


I have an API description in docbook, where each function is a
refentry. The problem is that the transformation to fo puts a page
break before each function. Is there an easy way to stop this? I had a
look in xsl-stylesheets/fo/refentry.xsl and found the following:
    <xsl:when test="not(parent::*) or parent::reference or parent::part">
      <!-- make a page sequence -->
      <!-- ... other stuff ... -->
      <fo:block break-before="page">
        <xsl:copy-of select="$refentry.content"/>
but I'm very new to XSLT and docbook and don't know how to override
that or whether doing so is wise. I'm using xsltproc.

Any help would be appreciated.

Brian McGurk

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