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Subject: multiple patches for htmlhelp in docbook-xsl 1.62.4


I have a bunch of patches for CHM generation.  While all changes are
tested on a functional level, I had to make the patches more "clean"
for everyone's use.  Because we are using the changes for a long time,
it was not easy to find out the meaning of all the HHP bits.  I hope,
that I don't introduce too much nonsense.  At least all patches are
very small and I assume you may want to choose better names for some
variables anyway.

1. A little convenience for CHM hackers.  Set the "Enhanced
   decompilation" in the .hhp. file.  See file decomp.patch.

2. Again, convenience: Allow to unset "compile progress". See file

3. The width of the navigation pane should be adjustable.  See file
   navpanewidth.patch.  We use the value 256 for

4. If you want to set the geometry of the HTML help explicitly, see
   file geometry.patch.  We use [160,64,992,704] for

5. We use some more options for display the HTML help.  See file

6. To allow some global window definitions, a further variable
   htmlhelp.global.windowdefs seems useful.  See file global.patch.
   The value of the variable consists of one or more line starting
   with $global_.

It would be great to see the patches applied in some form.  The
single patches add only between three and ten lines.

W. Borgert







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