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Subject: refentry section headings


Another question about refentries. (Over-riding the page-break in the
refentry template worked fine. Much thanks.)

My current problem is that the refentry section headings
"Description", "Return Values", etc. are displayed in a larger
font-size than that used for the heading of the containing section.
This happens with both the html and fo transformations.

The html is pretty easy to override:
  <xsl:template match="refsect1/title">

The fo is more complicated. The template seems to attempt to find the
level of the containing section but uses an much larger font-size

Editing the fo and removing the instruction to use a larger font-size
simply provides the output that I want.  Does anyone have any
suggestions how to achieve this at the XSL level, or to make the font
size depend on that of the containing section's heading?

Brian McGurk

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