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Subject: Pros and cons DocBook vs Word2003


Our organization is migrating from Word to XML. I've suggested DocBook and
XXE (XMLmind XML Editor). We have been testing DocBook and XXE for some time
and our test persons are beginning to get used to XXE. The output to PDF and
HTML Help is beginning to look nice. However, since Word 2003 has been
released I'm beginning to meet some resistance in using DocBook and XXE. I
need some help to shoot their arguments to pieces, which I might be able to
do if any of you can provide me with good answers to my questions.

* Images and vector graphics. 
We're using Word to produce Visio-like graphics, flowcharts, software
design, network overviews etc. Since we don't like to pay any more licens
fees than necessary we'd like to stick with M$ Office which we'd need
anyway. PowerPoint is capable of saving files in .wmf (Windows Metafile)
which can be converted to svg/jpeg using "libwmf". Is there a better

I'd like to create a "one mouse-click solution" in XXE, e.g. click on the
image and the appropriate editor opens, e.g. PowerPoint. Afaik the XSL tools
can't automatically handle wmf-files which makes it necessary for a
conversion to svg or jpeg before processing the xml. Best way would be to be
able to insert and show a .wmf file in XXE and make a conversion to
svg/jpeg. I've sent a question to XMLMind list.

* How is WordML compared to DocBook XML? 

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