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Subject: xinclude and images from other directories


I am currently working with a modular and profiling setup but FOP
complains about the images in xincluded sections and it is puzzling me.

My main.xml document looks like:
<xi:include href="chapter1/chapter1.xml"
xmlns:xi=http://www.w3.org/2001/XInclude />

As long as chapter1 only contains text and no images everything is fine.
When I include an image - residing in chapter1/figure.jpg - I get a lot
of errors from FOP about not being able to find the image and no image.
FOP also tells me it is looking in the directory where main.xml is and
not in chapter1 directory for the image!

My file tree thus looks like:

I resolved the file:

xsltproc --output resolved.xml --xinclude --stringparam profile.os
"linux" /usr/share/sgml/docbook/xslstylesheets/profiling/profile.xsl

And when I look at the place of section1 in the resolved file:

<chapter xml:base="chapter1/chapter1.xml">

and I see at the place of the failed image a bit further in the chapter:
<imagedata fileref="figure.jpg"  ...

The path to to image is the same as it was in the chapter1.xml file.

I proces the resolved file to out.fo with xsltproc and use out.fo with
fop to get a pdf.

I tried to modify manually the xml:base in the resolved file to
xml:base="chapter1/"> but this did not help.

When I proces chapter1 as a 'standalone' document I have no problems
with the image.

Anyone got a clue on what I am doing wrong?

Maarten Sanders

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