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Subject: Apple Keynote Slides (was Re: [docbook-apps] slides and documents)

A XSL stylesheet to produce an Apple Keynote presentation from a 
DocBook slide document
is now available from Zveno; go to:


to download the stylesheet and read instructions on how to generate a 
slide presentation.

Steve Ball

On 25/11/2003, at 8:52, Bruce D'Arcus wrote:

> On Monday, November 24, 2003, at 04:19  PM, Steve Ball wrote:
>> I have DocBook Slides -> Apple Keynote working reasonably well.
>> Having said that, I'd still call it alpha quality at this stage :-(
>> I'm using libxslt (I also provide binaries), but you have to do a few
>> gymnastics to get it to work properly.
> Hmm...what's the problem, and what "gymnastics"?

Keynote is not entirely XSLT-friendly.  Its use of XML Namespaces is a 
suspect.  Refer to the online instructions on what you have to do to 
get around
the problem.

> I would have thought it'd be fairly straightforward, aside from 
> actually figuring out the APXL format itself (which was my big 
> problem).
>> I'll see what I can do about getting the stylesheets published on
>> our website.
> That'd be nice.  Thanks!
> Bruce
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