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Subject: Program Listings within Paragraphs (XHTML Output)


Have got a few places where I need to put system error messages within 
paragraphs, with standard formatting for program listing stuff *except* it 
needs to be inline rather than as a separate block.

Have got it working for PDF use, but in testing things just noticed that for 
xhtml the output breaks the original paragraph up so that each individual 
part is a separate block.

An example of the input is:
<para>If the Error Message <programlisting role="inline">No 
Good</programlisting> appears, something's wrong.</para>

The output after XSL processing is:
<p>If the Error Message</p>
<pre class="inline">No Good</pre>
<p>appears, something's wrong.</p>

Note that the paragraph is actually being closed in the middle, and a new one 
started after the error message.

I need to be able to nest "inline" programlistings inside the paragraph. Any 
suggestions for either what to change the programlisting elements to or which 
template to modify to enable a fixed width type font for the error messages?

Cheers, Janeene.

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