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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] How to specify out resolution for FO

> > Are you referring specifically to images?  PostScript is also a vector
> > format.  What exactly do you mean by getting resolution into PS files?
> Yes the resolution problem is mostly for images. Not screen captures, but 
> vector images that are drawn using tools such as dia, visio, freehand etc.
> David suggests using different images in the source. I am already doing this. 
> When I transform for FO only I am using images that have a higher quality 
> than those I use for HTML. They are naturally larger in size and there is a 
> distinct difference in the image quality when viewed using GIMP. This is to 
> be expected.


if they are created using freehand and can be viewed in GIMP, then they
are not vector images, but raster ones instead.

Most XSL FO implementations support vector formats, and many handle more
than one vector format. SVG, embedding EPS into Postscript and PDF into PDF
are common choices.

Have you considered using vector images instead of raster graphic?

David Tolpin

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