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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] How to specify out resolution for FO

On Sunday 01 February 2004 11:10, David Tolpin wrote:
> > In my experience, it is always easier to prepare production files in such
> > a way that they are optimized for the equipment of the print shop doing
> > your production. It saves lots of time, both sides, and increases the
> > chances of getting production to the state of being a "repeatable
> > process". This state is often found in organizations that apply
> > engineering processes to their production.
> >
> > When files are not optimized, any number of tweaks may be required during
> > production, theses steps may be forgotten during future print runs. The
> > result being inconsistent quality.
> Sean,
> I've looked through PDF specification and generated sample images in
> Acrobat Distiller just to confirm.
> The only difference is the way raster images are stored; namely if you have
> a high resolution image and target a low resolution device, the image is
> scaled down before embedding into PDF.

This explains the problem I am experiencing with high res images not retaining 
their original quality.

> Nothing else.
> And this very functionality is easily achieved with stylesheet parameters,
> choosing different images for different resolutions. Moreover, this
> solution will give better and more predictable quality.

This technique is not giving me the predictable quality level I want. The 
result is consistant to be sure, but the image quality is reduced.

> > So, as far as I can see, providing you have Acrobat Distiller, the route
> > to obtaining PDF with a higher resolution should be something like this:
> >
> There is no such thing as PDF with higher resolution. The only difference
> is raster images, which are scaled down before inserting for lower
> resolutions.
> > how do we get resolution into our PS files? I think we're back to square
> > one.
> RenderX XEP provides processing-instructions to embed printer specific
> commands into Postscript output. You can use DocBook customization layer to
> add as many as you like.

OK, now I'm getting somewhere. There are obviously extensions required, of 
which I have no knowledge. I will try to find the solution in the documents 
provided with the XEP demo I am currently evaluating.

Sean Wheller

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