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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Using XIncludes to include infosets

On Monday 02 February 2004 11:46, David Tolpin wrote:
> I am just interested to know whether it is possible to use XInclude
> with or without xpointer; the original poster just tried to use
> it without and asked why it didn't work; he was advised to use xpointer;
> another implementation I know about that supports xpointer (and
> seemed to work last time I checked) is jd.xinclude; I've just asked
> whether it works indeed or not.
> I am being frequentially asked these days to support xinclude in programs
> I am delivering; I am trying to find out what tools can be used for it.


I often use XInclude, so the implimentation must work. Thanks again to Bob for 
his description on how to do modular docbook with XInclude. XPointer is a 
totally different kettle of fish. As a result I never use it and will not 
until it works. Perhaps there is some conventional wisdom in the Apache 
Project that made them decide not to implement XPointer is Xerces.

However, this does not change Daniels frustration with defining the standards. 
He has put heart and soul into the spec and the community is truly grateful 
to have him lend his talents and skills. It's not his fault that the current 
status is a botch.

To be fair to you, I also miss read his message the first time around. I am 
sure that you did not intentionally intend to spark the reaction received. 
Perhaps the current pressure of the gnome project combined with the 
frustration of trying to get the spec into shape was just all to much. We all 
have such moments, so don't take it personally.

The best we can do is move on, hopefully learn a lesson and aim to rectify or 
improve on our past failures. Daniels articulation of his feeling stands in 
his credit and once more illustrates that he is passionate about what he 


Sean Wheller

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