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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Using XIncludes to include infosets

Hello Bob

Thank you for your reply.

Bob Stayton wrote:
> Try using this syntax:
>   xpointer="xpointer(id('x26122003'))"

I tried it but the result is still the same.

> Make sure you are using the latest xsltproc (libxslt 1.1.2 and libxml
> 2.6.5).
> Several xinclude bugs have been fixed recently.

I am using this versions.

> Personally, I find the xpointer="xpointer()" syntax a bit redundant.

And from my viewpoint it is misleading.

> I can't actually tell from reading the W3C specs.  Perhaps
> Daniel Velliard can clarify.

I think, I am going to write a bugreport. :(

BTW. does the current xalanJ version support XIncludes? I think, that is 
it necessary for my to have a redundant tool chain.

Kind Regards,

Oliver Fischer

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