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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Using XIncludes to include infosets

At 05:58 2004 02 02 -0500, Elliotte Rusty Harold wrote:
>At 4:23 AM -0500 2/2/04, Daniel Veillard wrote:
>>  Concerning XInclude, well the change of namespace, the change of
>>syntax, all of them breaking the documents based on the CR draft, said
>>draft sent back to basic Working Draft status doesn't sound good either.
>The change of namespace was unnecessarily annoying, for sure.

The XML Core WG discussed the change in namespace again at our
last telcon.  Our latest plan (though things can still change)
is not to change the namespace.  (Yes, the XML Core WG does
really listen to Elliotte and other folks who provide us with
thoughtful comments.)

> But functionally not a lot changed between CR and the new WD. The accept attributes are all optional. The most unnecessarily annoying thing was the xpointer attribute and the consequent deprecation of fragment IDs.

I tend to agree (speaking personally), but it was a result of
"architecture" issues raised by others, and these issues were
the major reason the Director refused to accept our request
for PR for XInclude and sent it back to Working Draft.  Hence,
we really cannot go back to the old syntax.


> I hope that will be restored to the old syntax before the 2nd CR. Then gain it does have the beneficial side effect of removing most of Roy Fielding's human factors objections to XPointer.
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>  elharo@metalab.unc.edu
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