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Subject: Chapter Title Customizations and Spacing

I've been working on a customization to the DocBook XSL scripts.  For
almost everything, Mr. Stayton's book discussing their customization has
been invaluable, but I have a couple of things I haven't been able to
find, and so I wanted to query the list.

First, I'm interested in modifying the styles applied to titles for
chapters, but I am at a loss for documentation about them.  Nothing in
Mr. Walsh's Property Sets documentation mentions chapter titles, and the
actual template which manages chapters doesn't seem to include any
property sets or the like.  I couldn't find anything about this issue in
"DocBook XSL: The Complete Guide".  I definitely could just be missing
something obvious, here, though.

My second wish is to be able to implement something like tabstops in a
word processor with respect to labeling titles.  For instance:

    1.  Title 1
    2.  Title 2
    10. Title 3

So there would be a tab stop after the label (in this case, the
numbering) at the 'T' in "Title" for each element.  I thought this kind
of functionality might be implemented by a fo:leader, but I'm not
certain.  Could any FO experts toss me a clue?

Thanks, and take care,

    John L. Clark

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