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Subject: Validation Error with Glossary Database


I have a document with glossterm entries that look as follows:

<glossterm linkend="gt_ttl">term to link</glossterm>

The "term to link" is defined in a glossary database.

<glossentry id="gt_ttl">
  <glossterm>Term to Link</glossterm>
    <para>Description of Term to Link</para>

End of Document inserts glossary as follows:
<glossary role="auto">
    <para>Now you see me, next you won't.</para>

When I transform the glossary is stripped and generated as expected.

But I can't validate the document.
I get back
E An element with the identifier "gt_ttl" must appear in the document.

I was using the glossterm.auto.link method with glossary.collection. But this 
had problems as it missed or could not locate entries that were indeed in the 
database. So I switch to the method above and now can't validate.

I dont want to switch back as the transform now works on all glossterms with 
the desired result that there are no missing glossentries in the Glossary. 
But validation is essential.

Where could the problem be?

Sean Wheller

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