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Subject: Embedding docbook documents in Website?

Is it possible to embed a docbook article in a Website?

Ie. is it possible to make the title of the article become a single
entry in the left menu of the generated HTML, and when clicked on,
open the list of top level sections?

I'm guessing the answer is a resounding _NO!_ :-) 
But unless I've asked, it's impossible to know for sure.

I guess one way of hacking up something like this, would be to hack
the chunked HTML style sheet to output webpage XML files, instead of
HTML, as well as a layout.xml fragment (how much work would something
like this be?), and then XInclude the layout.xml fragment into the
layout.xml file describing the rest of the website, and then process
everything with the website style sheets.

But it sure would be neat if this could be done, just by referring to
the DocBook XML article source file in the layout.xml file...

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