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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] RTL/LTR directional tags

> Not quiet. For example, we write our documents in SGML/DocBook (trying
> to move to XML here). Unfortunately, when we generate the HTML output,
> it is all in LTR. The browser doesn't know any better. Mozilla, yes..
> IE, the whole gang. We then have to run scripts against the generated
> HTML files to add meta tags to set the proper directions.

This is strange. Is the output encoding UTF-8? I've just typed in
a document in a mix of English and Hebrew and Mozilla shows it correctly.
Can you point us to a page which is not displayed correctly in Mozilla?

> The problem is that when you have a table, which may intermix RTL and
> LTR languages.. then the browser is confused. We cannot rely on browsers
> at this point.

Columns in a table are ordered according to the writing-mode assigned to the table;
I suppose it is lr-tb by default; use CSS to assign a different writing mode
to the table if it is what you need. Again, can you please show us a page 
where the problem shows up?
> > English or Georgian in RTL, or Arabic in LTR. But it does not seem
> > to be your case.
> > 
> But it is!

Why would you want to render Arabic in LTR?

> > 
> > So just output your text without thinking about writing-modes, 
> > a good browser (Mozilla for example) will handle it just right.
> > The same holds for XSL FO output.
> Speaking of which, XSL FO pdf output comes out as garbage. But that's
> another topic (I wanted to know how to explicitly add fonts) ;)

What processor are you using?

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