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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Re: RTL/LTR directional tags

> > this should not be your problem, but the problem of a browser
> > used to render the generated HTML documents.
> This assumes that the Docbook toolchain produced the proper HTML, with
> the indications it has about the language used. And it leaves open the
> issue of mixed texts.

Fortunately, the life is better than you think it is. I've just
tried it with Mozilla Firebird, and with MS IE.  I am sure it is
true for other borwsers too. Bidirectionality works just fine in 
both of them. Just type text in Hebrew, English, and Arabic intermixed;
it will be displayed with correct directions for each of its parts.

It's basics; a brwoser that does not support it is simply of no use.

> > So just output your text without thinking about writing-modes, 
> > a good browser (Mozilla for example) will handle it just right.
> > The same holds for XSL FO output.
> Did you actually try it? Which FO formatters do it properly?

I have even participated in one of implementations. Both RenderX XEP and
AntennaHouse XSL Formatter provide proper bidirectionality support.
Again, it is how it should be; if an implementation does not handle bidi,
it is useless.

David Tolpin

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