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Subject: Modular document using XInclude with olink entity and xrefstyle attribute

Hi all,
I 've been working on one big book.xml file, which is now modularized using XIncludes to
+ preface.xml
+ chapter1/chapter1.xml
           ++ section1.xml
+ bibliography.xml
I am using XMLlint for XIncludes and Saxon for Xsls.
There are many inner references: olinks because xrefs won't validate per module.
I 've been reading the xsl docbook on sagehill.
Problems (thanks for help on any of these issues):
1) Inner links do not work in chunked html output (in pdf they do), because they get generated as #id without file.html#id (exception: toc).
2) Gentext doesn't work to well for olinks.
2a) xrefstyle doesn't work on olinks, role either (even with the xref use role as xrefstyle xsl parameter).
2b) xreflabel doesn't process %t 
Note: simple adjusting the section template is not really a solution as its only a subset of all olinks that need their text generated different from the section called"%t"
Reference parts:
<!ENTITY bookTarget SYSTEM "./generatedTargets.xml">
    <document targetdoc="booktarget">
<para>In <olink targetdoc="booktarget" targetptr="bibliography"/> you&#39;ll find more
            information on ...</para>
   <bibliography id="bibliography">
Thank you for any and all help,

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